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These much ignored pieces of rural and urban furniture finally have a website of their own.

This is not the site to visit for technical information pertaining to telegraph poles. You'll find nothing about 10KVa transformers, digital telephone networking or even so much as a single volt.

This is a website celebrating the glorious everyday mundanitude of these simple silent sentinels the world over.

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We don't care what the wires contain either. They all carry electricity in some way be it the sparky stuff which boils your kettle, or the thinner stuff with your voice in it when you're on the phone.

Isle of Wight Telegraph Pole Project.

A line of telegraph poles along a heritage railway on the Isle of WightRegular readers of these fair pages may remember our insulator appeal on behalf of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Well, we've had the following letter from Stuart Duddy telling us of their progress:

Hi Martin

I thought you might be interested to see how our project to reinstate the telegraph route along our railway line is progressing. The following link summarises the activities which took place during a couple of weekends in November: <Telegraph Pole Project Summary>
As a result of the appeal which you kindly placed on your website on our behalf, a couple of your members contacted us regarding insulators.  A young chap named Jake Rideout (from Somerset, I believe) visited us back in August with a tray of approximately 50 ceramic insulators and we were recently contacted by another of your members, Ian Bristow who lives in Lincolnshire, and he seems very confident that he can also assist, possibly with about 200 insulators, which is most encouraging.
With kind regards

Just goes to show what wonderful people telegraph pole appreciators are - well done to Jake & Ian.