Electricity versus Telephone Poles

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These much ignored pieces of rural and urban furniture finally have a website of their own.

This is not the site to visit for technical information pertaining to telegraph poles. You'll find nothing about 10KVa transformers, digital telephone networking or even so much as a single volt.

This is a website celebrating the glorious everyday mundanitude of these simple silent sentinels the world over.

from the simple... through the interesting... to the hieroglyphics and the alluring
Simple telegraph poles Space age telegraph poles telegraph pole hieroglyphics to the downright sexy ones
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We don't care what the wires contain either. They all carry electricity in some way be it the sparky stuff which boils your kettle, or the thinner stuff with your voice in it when you're on the phone.

The view from on high.

When John Brunsden, #0469H, comes on here he is on something of a busman's holiday.  For John spends his working day at altitude - approximately 10 metres above the ground to be approximate.  With a proper footed ladder, guy ropes, hard hat, high viz, crampons and butty box it's a wonder he has the strength to get up there.  Anyway whilst atop the ladder he does get time to ponder the wonders of the universe, the meaning of life and what is on the other side of that pole:

...bit bored waiting for the dropwire to be passed up to me, to attach to the pole, so took this pic of the view through a brand new pole hole into Cornwall from just over the border in West Stowford, Devon.

IMG 0555 IMG 0555 IMG 0555