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These much ignored pieces of rural and urban furniture finally have a website of their own.

This is not the site to visit for technical information pertaining to telegraph poles. You'll find nothing about 10KVa transformers, digital telephone networking or even so much as a single volt.

This is a website celebrating the glorious everyday mundanitude of these simple silent sentinels the world over.

from the simple... through the interesting... to the hieroglyphics and the alluring
Simple telegraph poles Space age telegraph poles telegraph pole hieroglyphics to the downright sexy ones
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We don't care what the wires contain either. They all carry electricity in some way be it the sparky stuff which boils your kettle, or the thinner stuff with your voice in it when you're on the phone.

Square poles and the spy who came in from the poled.

Our telegraph pole surveillance network runs wide and deep.  Disturbing images just in from our agent in the field, codename "Ectoplasm" show power companies experimenting with laminated, square poles.

We hope you'll excuse the relative low resolution of these photographs.  Agent Ectoplasm used a camera concealed within his butty* box to sneak this latest intelligence back to Telegraph Pole Appreciating HQ.  Ecto (as he's known to his pals) needs to find a better place for his camera, because surely they're going to get suspicious with him waving his butty box around like that to get these pictures.  

We'll be passing these photos higher up our chain of telegraphular command to see what our boffins make of it.  Should we be worried? A quirky anomaly in pole land or the start of something more sinister?

 Good work Ectoplasm, we'll carve your name with pride.

A digger planting a square profile telegraph poleClose up of the laminate on a square power poleA square profile telegraph pole squarepole4

*lunch/snappin'/sandwich  depending on where you're from