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These much ignored pieces of rural and urban furniture finally have a website of their own.

This is not the site to visit for technical information pertaining to telegraph poles. You'll find nothing about 10KVa transformers, digital telephone networking or even so much as a single volt.

This is a website celebrating the glorious everyday mundanitude of these simple silent sentinels the world over.

from the simple... through the interesting... to the hieroglyphics and the alluring
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We don't care what the wires contain either. They all carry electricity in some way be it the sparky stuff which boils your kettle, or the thinner stuff with your voice in it when you're on the phone.

A European City of Cultured poles

Hull, the city, not the underneath part of a boat – is unique in telephone lore insomuch as it has its own independent telephone network.  This came about largely due to endless patent and rights squabbling and the attempted breakup of the NTC (National Telephone Company) monopoly.  I would only be summarising someone else's history work were I to publish it here - and I'd also have to work that bit harder too – so I'll just give you the link <here>

Anyway, Hullovian Aaron Bailey sent us in these photos of this 30ft Medium telegraph pole he has acquired (as you do) and answers his own question in identifying the HTC lettering as Hull City Telephone.  He also asks about the insulators and what they're made of.   So off I went on a little surf.  HTC took me to Hull City Transport and the many complaints about them - what's public transport for if it's not for complaining about. Whereas Hull City took me to a fascinating page about becoming a mascot for the forthcoming Hull vs Stoke City game – sounds fantastic and my application is in the post.
An extended week-long surf later I think I have the answer.  I think it is a proprietary resin called “Telenduron” which sounds like something that would stop eggs sticking to your frying pan - little known or remembered it fell out of favour with telegraph pole types as it became degraded and pitted.

Aaron worked on the power lines for 7 years and managed to collect a few pole signs over this time and the last photo shows us his rather nifty display pole.  I can't help but feel that to be truly authentic though he should have left room for a missing cat poster.



A telegraph pole in a street in Merrick Street, HullAaron wrote back to tell us that all the more recent poles in Hull now have KC or KCL (Kingston Communications) cut into them instead of HCT.  He says he tried to sell the pole on eBay hoping for some interest in the insulators - someone sent him a message asking if the pole was the one removed from a street in Hull.  Sure enough, Aaron searched on Google maps and there it was.  I think it is this fact - that someone recognised this very pole - that has impressed me more than anything anywhere in the world so far this year.