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These much ignored pieces of rural and urban furniture finally have a website of their own.

This is not the site to visit for technical information pertaining to telegraph poles. You'll find nothing about 10KVa transformers, digital telephone networking or even so much as a single volt.

This is a website celebrating the glorious everyday mundanitude of these simple silent sentinels the world over.

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We don't care what the wires contain either. They all carry electricity in some way be it the sparky stuff which boils your kettle, or the thinner stuff with your voice in it when you're on the phone.

GPO Street Furniture

Iron GPO Marker post Post Office Telegraphs grid.

We recently received an interesting email and photographs from Brian Russell from WA7


Though nothing to do with telegraph poles, I wonder if, via your society, I might pose a question on a local item of GPO history.

The item is a small cast iron marker post against a building wall and the head of the post bears the letters ' V R ' with a crown in between below which are the letters ' Ft - Ins ' and a government property broad arrow.

I assume it does / did mark the route of a buried cable.

Could it be that one of your group have some knowledge of these posts in their search for matters telegraphic ?

Thanking you,

Brian Russell,

WA7 shire

Brian also kindly sent us a photo of the inspection cover that was nearby.  If you look carefully you see it must be from a different age - a time of morse code, telegrams and when you could get a Penny Arrow for under a pound.

The embossing also suggests that if we were to lift the lid we may find some Telegraphs belonging, of course, to the Post Office.  Or might it just be that underneath you will find a stash of conservative-leaning broadsheet newspapers.

The marker post is a particularly attractive item.  And if you can shed any light on it's provenance then do please get in touch:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the Contact page.