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Pole of the Month - September 2012

Martyn Fielder from... nobody ever says where they’re from... made me blush this week...

What a delight to discover your most enlightening website. I had never previously given much attention to the aesthetic properties of telegraph poles but your well constructed and wonderfully informative pages have opened my blind eyes to hitherto unappreciated beauty.

Normally I pay close attention to my feet while walking outdoors for fear of treading on the cracks in paving stones, but you have enabled me to overcome this phobia and now I walk with head held high admiring the silhouettes against the sky whenever they let me out.

September 2012 - Pole of the Month

Glad to be of service, Martyn. That’s what we’re here for. He continued...

In fact I am very eager to contibute to your pages - I have a wonderful submission for the pole of the month archive (from Africa!) Please let me know how I can send you a file*1 and I promise you will not regret it.*2

Then the photo arrived...

As you'll see the attraction here is not so much the pole (at least to my untrained eye) as the lack of planning by the builders. I took this picture a few years ago during the construction of a new container storage depot opposite my office in Dakar, Senegal. They eventually moved the pole.

Seems a tad unfair to me - the pole was there first. Anyway, a worthy P.O.T.M. if ever there was.

Meanwhile, I’m off on my jollys to the fabled land of the telegraph poles once more.  I'll also be trying to check out whether, as Graeme Wallace reported, in Scotland Telegraph Poles can be found predominantly in the back of gardens whilst in England they are in the front.  More to come on this.

Anyway, back in a fortnight.  If you must break in while I’m away, spare me the broken locks please – the key's under the mat.

 *1 we did       *2 we didn't