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Pole of the Month - September 2014

The Samaritans would have been busy in my part of the world on Monday night.  My favourite team of complete under-achievers managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory agaiinst our most severest of rivals with just 12 seconds of added time remaining*1.  Footballers, I think, have little comprehension what this might mean to us who watch from the terraces week-in week out.  There are probably a few more cats cowering this week as a result.  Quite a few sorrows drowned too I shouldn't wonder in the stupefied fug of after-match pub-debriefings.  And my finger nails are bloodied and gnawed down to the quick from those last few tense moments of a much anticipated derby match.

Thank heavens then that I am the Chief Executive Officer of the world's premier society of Telegraph Pole Appreciators.  And I came home to an inboxed email containing the following photos of telegraphular gorgeousness kindly sent in by John Brunsden (#0469)...

Not much to report lately, but spotted this old school pole in the Exe Valley between Bampton and Tiverton in Devon last week. 1937 Vintage, not many like this left !
Just used as a carrier pole for the Aerial Cable now...

Happy Telegraph Pole Appreciation Day Tomorrow

John Brunsden.

Not much to report, he says.  If only he knew how he'd single handedly saved my day, our cat's ribs and that bottle of Talisker which can keep its cork until Christmas now as intended.  Enjoy...

Telegraph Pole of the Month - from the Exe valley

A 3 armed telegraph pole along a lane in Devon The markings on a telegraph pole showing 1937 as year of planting


*1 In case you're interested it was Chester sodding City 2 Wrexham 1 !!!