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Pole of the month - July 2015

Honorary member #0469, John Brunsden, has been busy wondering "What the hell ever happened to those photos I sent in for possible "Pole of the Month"?  Here's what he said.

This pole(s) caught my eye on a recent holiday on the Isle of Wight, it's the darkside for me, being an Electricity pole and not the much safer Telecommunications sort, but the sheer number of steps made me stop the car and snap away, much to the bemusement of my wife and son :(
The 2 other pics are of the poles either side of this one, and both seem a slightly different design??

Well, as I said to my psychiatrist only yesterday, "If it's tall, wooden, sticky-uppy and has got wires coming out of the top then I'm morbidly fascinated."  These are indeed handsome poles John, and yes, we continue to play with fire in this society by honouring such large volt carrying structures.  We could be said to be cocking a snoop at the Pylon appreciators by making them P.O.T.M but these have wooden poles and so fall into our remit and so I would defend our right to do so unto death.  My hamster's death anyway.

A double power distribution pole on the Isle of Wight

Large wooden framed power pylons on isle of wight. Another view of large wooden framed power pylons on isle of wight.