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We readers of these pages are already of one mind that Telegraph Poles are things of beauty and provide an aesthetic punctuation to our roads, railways and verges.  Some, and I include myself in this list, take the next logical step in bringing these functional ferriferous forms closer to home.

Member and friend of this society G.D. (#0513) recently sent us these photos of his own project.  An eclectic collection of ceramic if ever there was atop a "D"efective shortened pole with the clever idea of using iron steps as feet for his display rather than planting it as I did mine. 

G.D. also told us of his tip of using a strap-type oil filter remover for removing stubborn ceramic pots from their metalwork mounts.  As a delinquent teenager I had no such trouble and used to just shoot them off with my dad's air-rifle.  That was, of course, before I was struck by lightning, saw the light, and founded this church of Latter Day Telegraphpoleology. Amen.

An oil filter remover, probably lifted from some online catalogue