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Ceramics off the lastest restoration project The finished arms wood with ceramics

Coming across a sick, broken or otherwise ailing telegraph pole always brings out the Samaritan in me.  This latest pole (see previous post) was no different.  Into my workshop for a bit of TLC wherein the application of a modicum of sawing, wire-brushing, hammering and swearing noises means they're all better now. 

I have to say though, I haven't got many of these brown ceramics and they're a bit of a bugger* to remove from their pegs.  Despite my inventiveness with some sticky roofing felt which I used to supplement my grip together with a plumber's wrench tool.  These had to be cleaned up in situ.

Anyway, when you can take your eyes off my amazing lawn in the bottom photograph (no chemicals added) you can see the finished arms wood replete with shiny telegraphic furniture.  I have a cunning plan for making a desk ornament out of this one.  Watch this space.

* for want of a better word